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Eliminating cables has many advantages / New foot switch series for easy operation of press brakes, bending machines etc.

One movement of the foot: this is all that is required in order to start a casting or bending machine, or to perform a trial stroke with a press brake. Foot switches frequently represent a key element of the human-machine interface. Their appearance might have changed little, but they contain technical innovations providing considerable improved functionality and ergonomic comfort.

Source: Der Betriebsleiter (11-12/2017)
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Network replaces point-to-point connections

Using a wireless network, switching and command devices can be connected to a company IT flexibly and at "shopfloor" level – without cables and, thanks to the latest version of sWave.NET, requiring very little configuration. The network is integrated directly in the user IT platform. First applications already exist, some in intralogistics.

Source: me (05/2017) agt agile technik verlag gmbh
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Wireless detection / Position monitoring of hooks and booms on telescopic cranes

Not cabled, but cable-free: true to this motto, Paus is currently equipping one of its crane series with new safety features. Wireless switching devices monitor the position of the crane hook and the extension of the telescopic elements.

Source: Hebezeuge und Fördermittel (11/2017)
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Complete freedom for bending and pressing processes

In press brakes, wireless switches in various designs not only improve ergonomic comfort, but also contribute to flexible automation.

Source: konstruktions praxis (10/2017)
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Wireless communication in the warehouse

No more tangled cables: the future is wireless! Thanks to the sWave.NET network, connecting warehouse switchgear and command devices to the company IT is now easy. This network can be integrated directly in the user IT platforms. First practical applications already exist, as demonstrated by SSI Schäfer and its fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Source: dispo (09/2017)
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