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Wireless communication in the warehouse

No more tangled cables: the future is wireless! Thanks to the sWave.NET network, connecting warehouse switchgear and command devices to the company IT is now easy. This network can be integrated directly in the user IT platforms. First practical applications already exist, as demonstrated by SSI Schäfer and its fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Source: dispo (09/2017)
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Foot contact welcome - Wireless foot controls for ergonomic and safe machine operation

In casting and forming plants, a foot control is an important element of the human-machine interface – also and especially regarding the triggering of safety-related functions. Now wireless safety foot controls are available for this task, providing users with improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: md-Automation (09/2017)
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Wireless means flexible - Access points transmit radio signals directly to IT platform

In (semi-)automated warehouse and consignment zones, not only every movement of goods, but also the status of conveyor and storage systems must be monitored, which is often only possible by remote control, especially for mobile systems. For this reason, wireless switchgear is increasingly being used at shop-floor level. The switching devices in the sWave range have the benefit that they can be mounted, installed and operated without cables.

Source: SPS-Magazin (4/2017)
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Cable-free enabling - Safety for forming machines

Enabling switches are a typical example of human-machine interfaces in hydraulic press brakes, swing-folding and other forming machines. Recently, manufacturers and users of press brakes were given the added option of using wireless foot controls for this task, providing improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: GIT Sicherheit + Management (4/2017)
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Versatile wireless networks

Optimised infrastructure and new components facilitate flexible network topology
Dynamic self-organisation and an optimised routing procedure – these are the features of a second-generation wireless sensor network currently being presented by its manufacturer. And it has even more to offer. This article reveals its full potential, which especially comes into its own in the field of material flow technology.

Source: Industrielle Automation (2/2017)
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