Controls on sliding guard doors

Sliding guard doors have the advantage that they can be opened and closed without taking up additional space. But they also mean that construction designers have to include moving power and signal cables for any controls on the door – unless they opt for a wireless multifunctional handle.

Controls on sliding guard doors


A wireless solution at the man-machine interface is expected to provide high availability, reliable signal transmission and intuitive operability.


With a wireless multifunctional handle the machine operator can see and access the control elements directly while monitoring the operating process. Power is supplied via an integrated miniature solar cell or battery. Different wireless technologies are available.

Customer benefit

There is no need for external control panels. In addition, an optimum of ergonomic comfort and operational reliability are given because users can actuate the push button while monitoring the work process. Doing away with moving power cables reduces wear and tear and increases availability.

Controls on sliding guard doors