Door safeguarding (Factory Automation)

Is access to the production hall or to an automated production area open or closed? This question is easy to answer when access or guard doors are monitored with appropriate switchgear.

Door safeguarding


Switching devices for door monitoring have to work reliably and be easy to integrate in the surrounding construction – e.g. in conventional aluminium profile and protective fencing systems.


With a wireless position switch which is as compact as it is robust, the door position is monitored without having to lay any cables to the door. Here it is possible to use switchgear working according to the “energy harvesting” principle or – if transmission reliability has to be extremely high – to use battery-operated switchgear. The corresponding signals can be evaluated by superior control rooms or systems. For technical reasons the wireless switches cannot assume any safety-related switching tasks.

Customer benefit

Especially in conjunction with larger automation plants, it is possible to make considerable installation savings on access and guard doors by using wireless switchgear because no cables have to be laid to the doors.

Door safeguarding