Position monitoring on moving components

Positions need to be monitored on moving components in very different areas of production – e.g. on pressure rollers and press cylinders or on rotating tools.

Position monitoring on moving components


In such cases a cabled switch or sensor requires an energy supply which also moves, and which is therefore susceptible to wear and tear – either a jumper ring or a trailing cable installation. This task can be solved more easily and more durably using a wireless switch or sensor which rides as a “passenger” on the moving system part and does not require cables.


A wireless, extremely compact RF RC 10 sensor is mounted which detects the desired position and transmits the corresponding signal to a receiver unit in the control cabinet. Threaded cylindrical sensors are an additional option.

Customer benefit

Doing away with trailing cable installations and jumper rings saves both money and maintenance. Since there is no risk of cables breaking, the availability of the sensors also increases.

Position monitoring on moving components