Push buttons on conveyor belts

Transport lines and conveyor belts can experience congestion. The belt is then stopped automatically. The operator has to eliminate the problem and then restart the machine manually. For this task a push button is required in close proximity to the conveyor.

Push buttons on conveyor belts


The restart button should be easy and versatile to mount, as well as simple to integrate within the control system of the machine or plant.


A wireless control element permits machines and plants to be equipped or updated with an additional restart button or other functions without any cables having to be laid. The control element – an industry-compatible housing with up to three push buttons – is simply fixed to the machine and the wireless system “taught in” in a few simple steps.

Customer benefit

The engineer or operator saves the money and time which a cabled push button system would have cost. The potentially very long cables from the area of congestion to the control cabinet and back are no longer necessary.

Push buttons on conveyor belts