Set-up and process monitoring

Under predefined conditions a machine can be operated with the guard door open in order to perform set-up tasks or to monitor processes. One of these conditions is operation of the machine using a safety switch: operators have to depress a push button or pedal. As soon as it is released, the machine stops.

Set-up and process monitoring


The switching device has to meet machine safety standards, as does the receiver unit. Machine guidelines apply for the entire system, as well as any underlying standards.


A new safety-related wireless technology facilitates guideline-compatible realisation of the special operating modes “set up” and “process monitoring” using a wireless foot switch which works on the public domain 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Customer benefit

Doing away with cables enables operators to position foot switches freely and to have work processes in their line of vision. In addition, there are no cables on the floor to cause a tripping hazard.

Set-up and process monitoring