Door monitoring (Building Technology)

For the position monitoring (open/closed) of doors, position switches are an appropriate choice. A position switch with a turning lever is simply mounted on the door to be monitored. This switch transmits a signal as soon as the door is opened. As an alternative to conventional cabled position switches, it is also possible to use wireless switchgear.

Door monitoring


The switches should only require minimum maintenance. In the case of wireless switchgear it is important to clarify whether the range of the radio signal is sufficient.


Self-sufficient wireless position switches which work according to the “energy harvesting” principle fulfil this task not only without cables and thus without considerable installation effort, but also without batteries. They generate the energy which they require to transmit the radio signal by themselves. For the application described here, position switches are available with the EnOcean standard frequently used in building automation. As an alternative, an industry-compatible wireless technology developed by steute can be used instead. In both cases many different ways of evaluating the radio signals are possible.

Customer benefit

A wireless position switch can be mounted in the desired location very easily, without any cables having to be laid, and then moved to a different location later if required. Complete “wireless security” concepts can be realised on the basis of these wireless switches – also with “wireless Ex” switchgear.

Door monitoring