Gate control (Building Technology)

In areas with incoming and outgoing goods, forklift trucks have to pass through industrial gates in order to transport goods in and out of the building. In addition, individual areas or halls within industrial production plants are often separated by industrial doors or gates (rapid action doors, rolling shutter gates, sectional doors). For forklift traffic this means: a convenient and efficient way of opening and, if necessary, closing gates from the forklift has to be found. Here pull wire switches have proven to be valuable, usually mounted on the ceiling of the production hall. The operator pulls a wire connected to the switch actuator and the gate opens.

Gate control


When this type of switch is installed, the cost of laying the cables is often several times higher than the cost of the pull wire switch itself because several metres of cable are required. Using wireless technology can therefore significantly reduce the price. The switch needs to be robust and easy to install.


The opening and closing of industrial doors and gates was one of the first application fields for steute wireless switchgear, and it is still one of the most frequently realised applications today. The RF 95 wireless pull wire switch is the most common choice. The actuating part has a grommet to which the pull wire can be attached.

The switch works according to the “energy harvesting” principle. The kinetic energy created when the plunger is actuated is transformed by an electrodynamic energy generator into electrical energy. This small amount of energy is sufficient to transmit the radio signal to the receiver unit. This means that the switches need neither a cabled power supply nor signal wiring nor a battery.

Customer benefit

The wireless pull wire switch is easy to install and operate and can be moved to a different location as required.

Gate control