Ground conveyors (Logistics)

More and more often, ground conveyors are no longer just transport vehicles, but also carriers and imparters of information within in-house material flow. In addition, the material flow itself is becoming more versatile. One example: conveyor systems now have a modular design and are equipped with decentralised drive and control elements. They adapt to what is required of them and only switch into drive mode when there really is material to be transported.

Ground conveyors


A ground conveyor places a pallet onto a conveyor belt. The driver actuates a radio-controlled push button to switch on the belt – which until then is standing still. This task requires a self-sufficient and robust wireless command device which is fixed to the ground conveyor and transmits its signal to a receiver unit, triggering the belt drive mechanism.


An RF BF command device is mounted on the instrument panel. This device is wireless and self-sufficient, equipped with an electrodynamic energy generator and protected inside a robust housing.

Customer benefit

Because the wireless remote control is fixed in place, it can neither get lost nor be dropped and damaged. A universal receiver facilitates control of all manner of functions on the conveyor belt, as well as other machines.

Ground conveyors