Ventilation flap monitoring (Oil & Gas)

In ventilation systems on oil rigs and other major energy extraction plants, the position of flaps, gates and other control elements has to be monitored.

Ventilation flap monitoring


Switches which assume this task are mounted in inaccessible locations, making maintenance and device checks almost impossible. All the more important, then, to have switches which are reliable and durable. Depending on the application, they also need to be resistant to vibrations.


Magnetic sensors in anti-corrosive and explosion-protected versions are perfectly suited to this application. They detect the position of control elements and send a corresponding message to the ventilation control panel. These sensors are extremely robust and work very reliably.

Customer benefit

“Install and forget”, to put it succinctly, is a key advantage with this sensor design and exactly what is required for ventilation systems on oil rigs.


Ventilation flap monitoring